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             You are a King, in solitude you shall therefore remain!~~Welcome to my site...~~I consider myself to be from the classic school of Electronica. As an advocate of the experimental approach, I don't think my music can be definitively categorized. Although I do use some real instruments, I feel that electronic music has something more to offer - the unlimited possibility of synthesis.~~The concept of The Phoenix Project was developing for a good number of years. Fate was revealing stepping stones to me in the form of various circumstances.~~This project is very personal to me. There is a parallel with the rebirth of the mythical bird - it's a deep symbiosis of the Creative and the Subconscious...~~After rejecting much of my previous material, I chose those compositions, which are the most actual to me. There is an innocence and honesty in them. Bury the past and don't be concerned about the future -~~            - The Phoenix is Here and Now, rising from the ashes!~~~~~~

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