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             You are a King, and therefore in solitude you shall remain!~~Welcome to my site...~~I consider myself to be from the classic school of Electronica. As an advocate of the experimental approach, I don't think my music can be definitively categorized. Although I do use some real instruments, I feel that electronic music has so much more to offer - the unlimited possibility of synthesis of organic and artificial.~~On the music page you will find projects which go back years. After rejecting much of my previous material, I chose those compositions, which to me remain to be the most actual. There is an honesty and innocence in them...~~Recently I find myself collaborating more and more with one of the few musicians which I find interesting, the multi-instrumentalist an artist Ezekiel from Ireland. Although each of us come from a different musical background, both of us are mostly on the same wavelength, adding on the best of both worlds.~~"Bury the past and don't be concerned about the future", I once read. Indeed, as the wiseman says - it is always HERE and NOW!~~            - Music is Life, enjoy the Music.~~~~~~

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